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Join WCLA and US Lacrosse

Join/Renew Process for WCLA Players/Coaches

The USA Lacrosse WCLA Leadership and USA Lacrosse Staff are happy to announce the establishment of a Young Adult membership. The Young Adult membership is $35.

In order to be compliant, all USAL WCLA players/coaches will need to join or renew by March 1st (or before first game) annually through April 30 or beyond.

*Teams participating in Nationals will need memberships current through May 31 or beyond.

Teams can register by Group Upload and instructions can be found using the link below. The Group Membership Template can be downloaded below.

Group USAL Membership Processing

USA Lacrosse Membership Validation

As of the 2021-2022 WCLA Season, teams are required to complete a Validation template to verify USA Lacrosse Membership. The validation template can be found on the Documents page under Resources. DEADLINE: March 1st OR prior to team's first WCLA competition.

The completed (include ALL team personnel) CSV template must be emailed per the following instructions:

Subject:  Your School's Name - Roster Validation


Teams will be notified of any players or coaches without valid memberships through the end of April. Nationals teams will be required to have valid memberships through the end of May.

Membership rosters will be compared to Roster Verification Forms for accuracy. Any person listed on the membership roster who is NOT also included on the Roster Verification Form or vice versa is NOT eligible to participate until they are compliant.


Student-Athlete Eligibility Verification Form – For Spring Season

DUE: FEBRUARY 15th to League President, MARCH 1st to USL

Directions: The Head Coach or President of each USAL WCLA team shall complete the entire form, obtain each student-athlete’s signature, and submit the form for the verification, signature, and seal of the Office of the Registrar for their Institution. All players in a program who meet USAL WCLA Student-Athlete eligibility requirements should be included on this roster. Teams with A, B, and/or C squads should submit separate roster verification forms for each team.

Below you will find the PDF form.


  • Hardship Requests: Must be received by the WCLA Eligibility Chair & your League President by March 1 or before your first game.

  • Schedules must be entered into your team page by February 15 or by your first game, whichever is earlier.

  • Scores are required to be submitted within 24 hours. Please upload your scores to the website. 

WCLA Team Application now available online

Complete the 2021-2022 USA Lacrosse WCLA Team Application by clicking here. *Please note, before starting the team application you will need to locate your primary club contact person's USAL membership #, this is required when filling out the form. 

If you have issues with filling out the online application please contact US Lacrosse at

Reminder, team applications are due by December 1st.



Each team will need at least one website admin to edit schedules, rosters, stats, etc. To register yourself or other(s) as the team admin, please click here.

Please allow up to 24 hours to gain access to your page. If you have issues after that email Kim at