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WCLA Website Help

  • If you need access to your team's  site please fill out this FORM
  • If you have access but need assistance or have questions  please fill out this FORM. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Team Page Tutorial Video

This on-demand video demonstrates the Team Page functionality and how to manage and edit content.

*Note: The Sport Ngin mobile app is demonstrated in the Game Schedules and Scoring section. A member with edit permissions to a team page can also edit the roster, schedule, scores and the photos, videos and posts using the Sport Ngin mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones. Click Here to Download the app.

How to gain team Team site edit status

Every team in the WCLA that needs access to the organization's website, and more specifically their own individual team page, must register on the link below. In order to enter schedules, rosters and the required league information, an individual from each team will have to register as a team's webmaster.

Registering as a WCLA webmaster for each team is a must and access to the individual team page will take about 24 hours, provided the website isn't slammed with requests. Each team webmaster will be given access to their college or university page. The link for registering WCLA webmasters is HERE

Need help logging in to your team page?

We understand that from year to year the person who deals with your team page may change. We also know that you may have forgotten your password since the season ended. No need to stress, we are here to help. 

If you need to set up a new team webmaster, please follow the instructions in the webmaster section below. 

If you need help resetting your password please click here to be taken to the FAQs section for set by step instructions.